Spring/Summer 1999


by Dianna Vagianos Miller

Once a Messiah's
tears fell
in streams
and watered
a garden.

Now I find
a place of
peaceful release
worries cascade
in torrents
and burdens
are lifted
in my Gethsemane.

I lie in
His peace
as the soil
of my spirit
bears fruit
from the seeds
that were watered
centuries ago
in a garden
in a holy land.



by Lynne Smith

I kneel here in church, offering my prayers on a
A moody Sunday morning

Candles, incense, choir sounds blend into my
Remembrances of weddings, christenings, holidays
And final farewells filling the solitary pews
With long ago continuity of old country traditions.

I am today's senior, that's for sure. A widow.
A grandmother as was she.

My heart listens to our creed in her beloved
Russian... I am eleven again and I hear her
Voice and feel her hand in mine, firm, strong,
Enduring of so many yesterdays.

"And I believe..." The life of the world to come..."
"Of whose Kingdom there shall be no end."

My heart sings as the choir continues...
And I believe
"He shall come again with glory to judge
The living and the dead."

"You're so like your mother," my Scotsman
Husband often mused.

Amen, indeed.


Letting Go/You too have a story

by Diana Pasca

I will not speak ill of you
You too have a story

On scraped knee
penitent and repetitive
I will not speak ill of you
You too have a story

But you left me
With this hole in my heart
That harbors all the pain
And the lies
I will not speak ill of you
You too have a story

And yet I love the ignored
The pained, the unheard
With the deepest love
For those souls unblossomed
Are left to be picked off the tree

You who bludgeoned my story
You too have a story
You are ignored
You are pained
Unspoken soul
Waiting to unfold in a different place

Come place your wrinkles in my hand
I will not speak ill of you
You too have a story


[Parish Affiliations: 

 Diana Vagianos Miller - Holy Transfiguration Church,   
    Pearl River, NY;
Lynne Smith - Holy Trinity Church, Yonkers, NY; 
Diana Pasca - Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross,
   Medford, NJ]




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