2001 Florovsky Memorial Lecture

presented by

Professor Oleg Grabar

   On Thursday, May 3 at 8:00 p.m. the Orthodox Fellowship of Princeton University and the Orthodox Chapel of the Transfiguration will sponsor the Florovsky Memorial Lecture in the McCormick Art Museum on the Princeton campus. This year's lecture is entitled "Shine, Shine O New Jerusalem! The Many Faces of the Holy City over the Past 2,000 Years" and will be delivered by Oleg Grabar, Professor (Emeritus) in the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton.

   Professor Grabar, who received his BA at Harvard and his PhD at Princeton, is a leading expert in the field of Islamic Art and the architecture of Jerusalem. His most recent publication is The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem. His Florovsky Lecture, however, will be more "ecumenical" and will encompass the Christian, Islamic and Jewish architectural history of that city. The scholar, previously the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art at Harvard University, also taught at the University of Michigan (1955-1969).

   He has been at the Institute since 1990 . Other publications include The Alhambra and The Mediation of Ornament . Professor Grabar is a member of The American Philosophical Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

   Professor Grabar was recently appointed UNESCO representative for the monuments of Jerusalem. He will be flying to Jerusalem just two days after his lecture to accomplish his new mission.

   The Florovsky Lecture is named in honor of Father Georges Florovsky, eminent Orthodox theologian, historian and Slavic scholar who spent the last eleven years of his life teaching in several institutions of the Princeton academic community, and serving at the Orthodox Chapel in Murray Dodge Hall, along with Father John Turkevich. Previous Florovsky Lecturers have included Bishop Kallistos (Timothy Ware), Peter Brown, and Jaroslav Pelikan.

   Professor Grabar, an active member of the Orthodox Chapel, was an associate of Father Florovsky at Harvard and maintained ties with the theologian who preceded him to Princeton.

   For additional information about the lecture, please contact Father Daniel Skvir, present Orthodox Chaplain at Princeton, at 609-924-7368.



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