Our Current Issue...  Summer 2001
The Echoing Word:

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An Orthodox Response to the Problems of Our Time
by Archbishop Peter


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bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) Remembering Fr. Alexander Warnecke
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Financial Vision
by Lawrence Tosi

bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) Fr. Lev Gillet:  The Monk in the City, a Pilgrim in Many Worlds
by Fr. Michael Plekon
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) Christianity as Life:  Proclaiming the Message to College Students
by Gary Cattell
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes)  Reflections on Life and Death in Contemporary Orthodox Music
by Ivan Moody
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) In Memory: Kyra Shafran Griffits
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) Words of Life
by Fr. Thomas George
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) Everyday Opportunities to See 
by Fr. Stephen Siniari
bullet.GIF (1056 bytes) In Memoriam:  Fr. George Timko
by Fr. Alexander Garklavs
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   Jacob’s Well, published with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop PETER, is the official publication of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey (Orthodox Church in America). It provides, as did the well in ancient communities, a place for the distribution of news and activities regarding the life of the Diocese and its parishes. It seeks to highlight functions sponsored in the areas of youth and liturgical music, and the efforts taking place throughout Diocesan missions. Of special interest is the presentation of iconographic examples from Diocesan parishes.

But like the story of the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well (John 4), it also seeks to be a vehicle which provides not just news but opportunities for reflection on the living encounter with Jesus Christ. In this way it attempts to examine the role of Tradition as the "ongoing life of the Holy Spirit in the Church" (Vladimir Lossky). Through a variety of themes and materials – articles, reviews of books, films, and theater, studies of moral and even environmental issues, as well as poetry – it tries to acknowledge the many ways which the Holy Spirit seeks to make Christ known. In this regard, it is also pleased to feature the theological knowledge of His Eminence, Archbishop PETER, particularly in the areas of Orthodox history and Canon Law.

Finally, while input from members of the Diocese, both clergy and lay people is encouraged, contributions from those outside of the Diocese are welcome and utilized whenever possible.

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