Parish Life

The Ladder of the Beatitudes:
A Retreat with Jim Forest

(Fall 1999 / Winter 2000)

   This Retreat led by Jim Forest took place at Christ the Saviour Church, Paramus, NJ on Saturday November 6.

   Since the Beatitudes are words for ordinary people - for everyone and anyone - Jim Forest led the listeners on an ascent through levels of meaning that grasped the whole scope of Church history.  He drew on stories from the lives of Saints, from the Scriptures, and from everyday life.  Many listeners participated during the talks, without disturbing the poetic flow of Jim's words.  His dynamics, humility, and patience just added joyful tears to the participants and speaker alike, many times.

   The Sixth hour was read and the faithful were refreshed with a luncheon and lively conversation.

   The talk continued throughout the afternoon and Jim showed that the Beatitudes are truly rungs of Divine Ascent, each one leading to the next.

    Blessed is the person whose desire for God has become like the lover's passion for the Beloved. (St. John Climacus)  Through the truth of the New Testament we were led from the Incarnation and Crucifixion to the Resurrection.

    There were about 90 people at the Vigil, celebrated by Fr. John Nehrebecki.  The Choir was directed by Matushka Eugenia Nehrebecki.

    We were delighted to have Jim speak at the Vigil, Divine Liturgy and Agape which followed the Liturgy.  The Agape was prepared by the women of the SS Martha and Mary Altar Society.

    Chapters from Jim's book, The Ladder of the Beatitudes are available.



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